Happy Anniversary

This weekend was my daughter's anniversary. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was helping her plan her wedding, and now she has two fantastic kids and a great life - congrats you two!

Family Style

Weddings are such a personal, special experience - each one is different and creates a lifetime of memories for the bride and her family.

I was just going through the photos of my Son's wedding and I love everything they did - I wouldn't change a thing. Hoping that your wedding memories are as wonderful as these are.

Lifestylist Designed Weddings

There's nothing that brings people together like a wedding. It's such a happy, special time, and no matter what your budget is your special day should match your dreams. The Lifestylist Brands knows all about life celebrating style, and there's no better place to share your personal style than at a wedding. We can't wait to share some of the very special destination wedding spots we've discovered, tabletop and floral ideas, and to highlight some of the amazing wedding planners that are out there.